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Recent findings reveal the truth that has been buried for over one hundred years. Scientists have debunked the theory that the cause of the Titanic sinking was an iceberg. Why did Titanic sink? What's the real cause of the Titanic crash?

this not really new info it's well known that the side of the ship was weaken plus the iceberg hit at the right angle but the fire ? burning 3 weeks with no one knowing in a major city with workers and people everywhere that's nonsense

I thought this would have a different reason I already heard about this This isn't really the real reason I mean it was still the iceberg it just had help from the fire Also Milton Hershey almost went on the Titanic but decided not to so he lived

This is a joke, right? I thought we would have a serious look at something. Fire. Burning unnoticed for three weeks. Seriously? Easily debunked. The only thing that could burn that long was the coal in the bunkers. Coal gives off black smoke (not to mention a lot of heat). The coal bunkers were vented so the smoke would have come out through those vents. Tell me again how likely it is that TONS of coal burned for three weeks without giving off any smoke, not to mention heat? (Ignoring the fact they mentioned that coal was in scarce supply at the time). Not possible unless there was not a single person ever on board. And the lookouts on Californian? They saw the flares, reported them to the captain as distress signals and the captain told them to ignore them (This is in the logs of the Californian). No mirage, no temperature inversion. They were less than ten miles away! They saw them, clearly, and their lookouts correctly identified them as distress flares. And ice would not break the hull open? Seriously? We have had better built ships than the Titanic get ripped open by icebergs so where do they get that from? They simply make the statement and leave you hanging telling you "Just believe us. Do not question. It is all one big conspiracy....". Yes, well, I am questioning because science tells us what this vid says is simply impossible. Not 'improbable'. Impossible. Oh, and the paint covering the splotch? The damage was not done by a fire but by a minor collision with a tugboat. At least, that was what the British Admiralty reported. And that is not to mention the most accurate recorder of maritime history ever, Loyd's. This is just a crock...,
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