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Tengmo's mother played on HoneKrasae yesterday to shed light on the incident in which her daughter Tengmo Nida fell from a speed boat and died in the middle of the Chao Phraya River.
Eng Tengmo's mother came to explain that she agreed to give 100% pardon to Por and Robert, who were involved in the incident that caused her daughter to drown, while Kratik has not yet pardoned her. No, the reason he agreed to pardon the two of them (Por & Robert) was because Por expressed his deep regret over the fact that Keat Ling called Por Tengmo's mother every night. The most polite person he had ever met, Por told him that he would take care of everything he needed, just as Tengmo had taken care of him, and even celebrated Tengmo. Dharma son, he is a very good person, according to him.

Hearing Tengmo's mother, she does not trust the good intentions that Anna (Tengmo's closest 17-year-old friend since college) has sent to Tengmo, while Hippo, who was a friend at university with Tengmo, forgives him. 50%, because on the day of the incident, Hippo told him not to give any information to the reporters (Hippo also explained this point because Tengmo's mother did not know the story of the real incident at the time, Hippo Tell him that because he does not want Tengmo's mother to come and talk to the reporter about anything). Arrange a funeral without telling him (Mc immediately called Anna and asked Anna if this was true? Anna also confirmed he just called to ask Tengmo's mother about the venue). Anna did not ask him to change his place, admin Min knew that someone was going to blow his ear, because Admin did not buy Anna or inform reporters about the change of venue. Tengmo's mother added that Bei did not want to have an affair with him and stopped being involved with her child (mother (Kratik)). Hei then pardoned those who were at the scene 100% ).
Anna Hippo and other friends of Tengmo's try to sleep, not to hide, to run and run, to demand justice for their children, but they are blamed for not knowing their children (the good builder sins) Back end). Anna also mentioned with tears in her eyes on her live that she apologizes to Tengmo for not helping her, and from now on she will not dare to give any more interviews or shows to Tengmo's mother. Happy.

Eng Tengmo's mother revealed that she has already talked about Por's compensation money, including the movies and movies that Tengmo has acted in, ranging from 800,000 baht to 1 million baht, multiplied by Tengmo's 30-year life. Bei Tengmo survives a total of about 30 million baht (nearly $ 1 million).
As for the 1 million baht insurance money that Tengmo signed in the name of Kratik's son, he said he would protest for the money back by distributing a portion to Kratik's son. The lawyer also confirmed that he could not claim That money is because it is the insurance money that Tengmo gave to Kratik's own child and it is not an inheritance. Take it (Note: Even if Kratik's child gets the money, Kratik can not spend his money unless Kratik's adult child can use the money to spend Kratik has no right to affect his child's list) Until he goes to ask for a verdict for a child).

MinAdmin understands why after Daddy Tengmo divorced Tengmo's mother, Tengmo ran away with his father. Tengmo's parents have been separated since Tengmo was 3 years old. Tengmo's mother went to have a new family and Tengmo did not contact his mother for 10 years. After Tengmo's father passed away, Tengmo started dating With his mother. Dad Tengmo used to say that if his three children died (dead), he would prepare everything and he would follow his daughter. .

Admin does not know what you all think, you can all think he does not want to do this, he can be threatened or that side is all big back or whatever. One by one, even his mother was willing to accept compensation from those who did not yet know the truth behind all the deaths of her children, why was she so reluctant to accept all that money from all those people so quickly? Do not forget that Robert was the boatman at the time Tengmo fell from the boat, not even Tengmo's brother on his mother's side. Tengmo popped the caption Disappointed.

Thai society, including the Thai star who came out to defend Tengmo, also asked to withdraw to review the dog food. Mc (Pee Num) he withdrew after hearing that Tengmo's mother accepted the compensation.
Money falls on rocks, rocks fly
Money falls on dead grass
Money falls on people, people are virtuous

Admin would like to say goodbye to the audience who followed from the beginning to the end.
Confirm the case is proceeding normally, but admin is fed up and asked to leave this story and is afraid that he will be ridiculed for knowing his family's story. Yes, Admin did not blame Tengmo's mother, but she was upset and upset about what he said today.
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