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Congratulations to our High School students!

Happy Chandara School is proud of its Grade 12 students who took the baccalaureate exams on December 27 and 28, 2021. With more than 98% success in this national exam, we can only be proud of them. 9 students obtained the mention “Very Good” and 23 students the mention “Good” !

Excellent results that bode well for a good continuation of post-baccalaureate studies!

Congratulations and thank you to the educational teams who accompanied them with the constant concern for their success!
Thank you for making us proud every single day, our baby. Congratulations on your amazing achievement on the board examination. We are so proud to call you our child!

You have been sincere and diligent since day one and never failed to amaze us with your dedication. So proud to call you our student! Congratulations and best wishes for your life.

Thank you for nailing the exam just like we all thought you would. You made me so proud today. Keep on achieving good things. Best wishes!
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