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One day, ten men went to the Ganges to dive into the Holy Indian River. They hold hands while taking a shower. But they forgot to hold their hands when they came out of the water.

When they reached the shore, an old man asked, "Did we all give birth safely?" The remaining men began to look at each other. They are confused.

Now the old man asks you to raise your hand to count. He began to count and count each person.

When the count stopped at nine o'clock the other men began to shout. They even searched for the 10th missing man. The action continues with each person counting up to nine men and missing the tenth man. A hat seller who keeps looking at funny scenes offers help. The seller gives each man a hat and asks them to wear it. Men are confused as to what happened. The seller asks the old man to collect all the hats, including his, and count them all.

Everyone was surprised and happy to see ten hats. Crazy men pay tribute to the seller for helping them find the missing member and believe it is magic. The seller charges a lot of money for each hat and walks away happily. But what really happened? Men forget to count themselves, hence the number is always nine.
There was an emperor who wished to wear expensive new clothes every day. He changed his clothes several times a day and paid the most attention to his make-up while neglecting his duties as a manager.

One day two kings went to visit the emperor who posed as a weaver. They convinced the emperor that they had good cloths visible only to wise and faithful men. They pretended to show the cloth, and the emperor was forced to pretend to see the cloth, lest they be called fools and Dishonest. The emperor hired the two of them to make a special robe for him.

They continued to pretend to be weavers, and everyone in the king's palace was forced to act as if they were seeing a beautiful robe being woven for the emperor. One day, the Brahmins announced that their robes were ready and asked the emperor to wear them for the upcoming procession.

Although the emperor could not see the robe, he had an obligation. He pretended to be wearing a shirt and walked naked. No one wants to be called stupid or dishonest; So all the people were silent to the naked emperor. However, the innocent boy could not restrain himself and said bluntly, "The emperor really is. "Naked." Then another child began to laugh, and the laughter spread.

The emperor wondered, but with no choice, he continued his march.
He decided to punish the prisoners, but they were gone with the large sums of money they received. The ends of the garments they never wore.
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