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Greetings! We sincerely thank you for your continuous support and attention to our public blockchain. Through relentless efforts and development, our public blockchain has grown to become a standout player in the financial field, earning recognition and accolades from a wide range of users and industry experts.

In order to further propel the steady development of our public blockchain, following thorough deliberation and decision-making, we have decided to introduce new shareholders and proceed with a company merger and reorganization. This strategic move aims to strengthen resource integration, expand market influence, and establish a robust foundation for providing efficient, secure, and transparent financial services to our users. During this merger and reorganization, we are not only enhancing internal management and team collaboration but also elevating our technical prowess and accelerating the development of the public blockchain ecosystem.

As a result, we will be conducting a comprehensive rebranding of our public blockchain. The public blockchain will be officially renamed as "Standard Cross Finance," abbreviated as "SCF." This name not only better reflects our expertise in the financial domain but also signifies our commitment to consistently push the boundaries of innovation, bringing forth more innovation and development to blockchain finance.
The new brand and name will not only embody the mission and vision of the SCF public blockchain but also effectively convey core values and positioning, as well as our fervent aspirations for future development.

Furthermore, we will be arranging a press conference to provide detailed information about the company's listing and future development plans.

Finally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support and companionship. The SCF public blockchain will continue to evolve and develop under your witness, ushering in more possibilities and opportunities for blockchain finance. Let us together bear witness to the splendid future of the SCF public blockchain!
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