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The vast majority of webmasters would give their left arm to become a Premium Adsense Publisher. This is because those who have been “accepted” into the program enjoy a number of perks that regular Adsense publishers do not have. From what I’ve read (from those who actually manage these kind of accounts), Adsense is actually split up into multiple tiers, all of which are based on the size and reputation of your website.
Some of the perks of this program include:

  1. The ability to negotiate what percentage you will earn with each quick. With a bottom-tier account, you’re basically told to take what you’re give. Like it or lump it
  2. The option to remove the “Ads by Google” text that appears beside certain units.
  3. The ability to use more than three Adsense units on one page. Regular Adsense accounts are bound by a Terms of Service agreement, which forbids them from “over-loading” the page with four or five units. Premium Adsense Publishers are basically above this rule.
  4. Better support from the Adsense team
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