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Wearing a mask or a masked theater that features native of the country's oldest operating results before the encore. It is believed to have started in the 9th century through chamleaklub wall of Angkor. Age of Angkor developed by masked men in Cambodian traditional dance at the palace. The real reason is not clear However, researchers have shown that the process of conflict Hinduism with Buddhism, Jayavarman the 7 (1243- 1295), many people were killed, including dancing girls and women who are trained to provide. male dancer to dance on the basis of employee redundancy Buddhism.
What about the performance of specific mask the Ramayana legend of the Khmer Ramayana. The show includes a narrative that tells you who played a key role in the orchestras and bands classic Pinpet opera popular in their contemporary and later became the wife's favorite. king Sihanouk, then a board of eight professionals, and then divided by the war. But now the only remaining measure Svay distance of 15 km from the city, the two groups began in the war, including Tom and theater groups from the Fine Arts Department and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and now Sodhachivy also a part. University of table
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