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He's 12 in the 7th grade of secondary school in Battambang province. He lives with his grandma, knows how to cook, helps cleaning dishes, and digs out some grasses after school. His parents works in Thailand for 25 years now. His aunt and uncle encourage him to join this competition. When he hugs the coaches, he feels like he is hugging his parents whose come home every once in a long time. He learns to sing well like this by himself. He's adorable at speaks and having pretty smile.

This boy sings the song of Sinn Sisamouth. First time hearing that a kid chosen the golden voice to compete with other kids. Really smart and has a strong competent to be a singer in the future combined with his endless verbal skill. In spite of your childhood isn't that good (parents left him - with a grandma - to work in Thailand) I hope you win.
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