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Commanders, it's time to show your skills!
This contest will be held as part of the open testing of the heroes.
⚡ Your task is to record and comment a video of your best heroes tactics in an interesting way and post a link to the video in the comment section.
🚀 Try your best to make your heroes video fascinating, find your own non-standart tactics. Use your imagination - and maybe your work will get a prize.
⬇ Download APK-file ⬇
To edit the video, you can use images from our fan kit (download it here: or you can be creative and make something of your own that will make you stand out from the rest.
⚠ Don't forget that you can upload your video to youtube and post its link in the comments. 😉
🏆 Take a part in the contest and get the opportunity to win one of the following valuable prizes:
🥇 1st place 5000 tokens
🥈 2nd place 4000 tokens
🥉 3rd place 3000 tokens
⚠ Rules of the contest:
• Video’s quality is not less than 720p
• The video must contain clearly distinguishable voice accompaniment in english
• A video’s content must not violate neither rules of the game nor rules of our community
• Works with the presence of obscene vocabulary or rude phrases are not accepted
• A video should be posted by url-link in the comment section with #aow3contest hashtag. In your comment you also should specify your main game profile name exactly as it is in the game
• Videos are accepted before 24 May 2021, 1 p.m. (GMT).
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