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A year after the rockslide in Geiranger, geologist Kristian Eikjord is preparing to appear on a talk show, and is hailed as a hero for saving hundreds of lives in the disaster. 

3 years later, Idun is divorcing him and he is separated from Sondre and Julia. Kristian is living in seclusion in the mostly rebuilt Geiranger, while his family moves to Oslo. Idun has a new job as a hotel worker at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. Julia comes to visit Kristian for a weekend in Geiranger. Disappointed by how little he tends to her, she requests to go back home. That night, she discovers a secret room in Kristian's house dedicated to the 250 fatalities of the tsunami. 

She confronts Kristian about this, who reveals he feels responsible for their deaths. Despite Julia's admonishment that she now wants to stay the weekend, Kristian still sends her home early, calling her distractive. Some time later, the death of a colleague in the Oslo Tunnel prompts Kristian to travel to Oslo to investigate the circumstances of his death. Upon arriving in Oslo, Kristian finds out that his colleague was killed by a collapse in the tunnel he was studying, and discovers that he was researching seismic movement across Oslo and the surrounding area. Researching the incident further with the help of his colleague's daughter Marit, Kristian eventually comes to the conclusion that a major earthquake, up to a 8.5 on the Richter Scale, may soon hit Oslo, and that the collapse that killed his colleague may have been a pre-cursor movement to that. His attempts to warn his family are mostly ignored. 

That night, a massive power outage takes out all the electricity in the city, and a seismic rift destroys the Oslo Opera House, and injures Idun, who had arrived to watch Julia's ballet recital. Believing it to be a coincidence, Idun chooses to stay in Oslo. After an argument, Idun orders Kristian to stay away from her and the kids until he gets help.
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