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Ministry of Economy and Finance to inform all inform the public to be aware that: MEF requirements of 20 economists (median of 10 experienced and 10 economists do not require work experience) who are not over 35 years worked in the Department of economic policy and public Finance.

Candidates who are selected will receive training related nutrition experts as necessary to improve the efficiency and the ability to work with decent salaries. After completing the 20-year, 01 officers will assess achievements to achieve inclusion in the framework of civil servants employed at the Ministry of economy and Finance.
All contestants must qualify as follows:

♦ have a bachelor's degree and work experience ranging from 3-5 years (10), surveying, economics, social affairs, statistics (Statistics), financial , banks and public policy.
♦ an undergraduate degree from up to (10) and have a basic knowledge on the major economic analysis, data, finance, statistics (Statistics), public policy, finance public or public administration, and international relations..
♦ contestants (both experienced and non-experienced) need to have a clear knowledge of English spoken and written official (contestants should TOEFL score of at least 530 or IELT 5.0 and not more than 2 years old) and computer literacy (Microsoft Office), which can be used officially.

Candidates contestants who receive the preliminary selection will be participating in the contest write to confirm the English language skills and ability and will undergo an interview Finally.

Therefore, candidates contestants who qualify and wish to participate in the contest choose this job please send your resume (CV & cover letter) came Email Getting started on April 18, 2016 until May 02, 2016 at 17:00 compulsory. For further information please contact Ms Chan Sathya phone 015 829 789015 829 789 or e-mail

Contestants will be given priority, particularly for selection.
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