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I'm glad that she shared her experience. I'm personally not a fan of the adult industry, but hearing her experiences and her decision to become a porn star has widened my perspective on this topic. I am happy that she felt it was a positive experience and that she reached the level of success she was looking to achieve out of it. I hope people can stop being so hard on people (especially women) who decide to enter this industry, as this industry wouldn't exist if people didn't demand for it too. So why judge these people and condemn them if you support it by watching and buying? Don't you deserve to be judged for that too? I definitely hope she continues to be successful as a company owner and that her relationship with her partner, family and friends remains solid and supportive.

I made the mistake of belittling a porn star as a lesser human. She is very much human, she is very pretty, and I respect her for the work she did bc she was confident and comfortable. She got more balls than me, no pun intended.

I totally respect this young woman for her bravery and honesty, but I hope this sheds some light that porn industry is extremely hard and it isn't for any average woman or man to consider as a career.. it's a very corrupt industry and it isn't for everyone, majority, I'd say
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