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Better than here. If the robbers here didn't get any money from you, they will just kill you off. That robber is kind in my opinion.

In Liyang, Jiangsu Province, a helmeted man was arrested for threatening a woman and robbing her at an ATM recently. The surveillance camera recorded the whole incident as the suspect, wearing a rain coat, hid near the ATM for one hour and robbed a woman.

The woman had just deposited money into the machine and so didn’t have any money on her when the robber struck. The robber searched her for money and even told her to take off her coat. Fortunately the woman was allowed to leave and the robber fled. The suspect was finally tracked down and taken into police custody. Take a look at the crime scene.

I'm always thankful that China developed ATM's into cubicles where the door locks behind you until you have done what needs to be done and then unlock to step out. With a camera in each cubical too.
Very good. Scary about that guy lying in wait for her.
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