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Chekambaung as a delicious fruit and useful in many of the health chekambaung also contribute to your health, beauty, so fans want to lose weight the natural way to lose weight by chekambaung by implementing the following:

- Chekambaung breakfast (not quantified)
- If you have chekambaung and still feel not enough, you can eat a small plate of rice banana after about 30 minutes.
- Drinking water chekambaung alone banned milk, tea or sugar-sweetened beverages.
- At noon, you can eat foods should normally choose meals that are low in calories and no fat.
- Do not eat anything after 6 pm. - Exercise regularly. The point of this way to lose weight is to increase emissions. Eating chekambaung morning to industrial emissions and the fat stored in the body and is excreted through it.
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