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This tool is the usual stuff you see in hotels and public bathrooms. This tool is used for bathroom functions and easily installed anywhere in the bathroom. But it can also be something abnormal criminals and are used to take pictures using the bathroom.

The worst of this latest technology used spy cameras to record activity in private. This device often be found in the hotel room and bathroom women. Do not look down on this, even if it looks cute and simple, but they can destroy your future.

Police in Florida are investigating such a camera embedded in several places. In the third incident was reported to police camera is embedded in this simple device, it looks like tying a simple hanging coat a tune. This embedded camera to buy online, and the worst anyone can buy it, not only for the hotel. This hidden camera looks like a freshly hung coat but if they look closely, you'll see a camera on it.

The latest technology allows cameras get smaller and it can record video up to 2 hours. So if you see this, do not touch it and immediately notify the authorities never taken such a device placed in the bathroom.
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