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Find out what type of guy you’re with this simple and fun test! Your personal preferences and reactions to different life situations can pretty much tell you what type of guy you are. You’ve got 10 questions to answer and only 10 seconds to choose the option that suits you the most. Don’t overthink it, and just go with your gut!

This is useless there are days I feel one way or another.. Soemthines it's a denim day one day it's a suit and tie day, I love quite weekends then I wanna go attend a Ted talk, normally I like biking and going outside.. This doesn't make sense we all at some point enjoy all of these.

There is some problems in this video, 1 there is questions no 7 is missing , 2 audio don't Mach with the answer so fix this first and uploaded it again

That's a questioner opinion because he thinks he's the smartest and what he does is perfect, Your opinion not my opinion Human changes with time with experience with education Everybody is smart if he wants to be smart live a life Life teaches not you tubers With God you realise the real life Real life is to understand what's make the difference in every aspect of life With that you will live a good life and that's a real one Hope answer the YouTuber
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